Tipper sleeping artwork

Just another artwork photo. Tipper sleeping on top of the fridge.

Aria, Stained Glass and bump mapped

Here’s just a photo of my girl Aria whom sits under my table and thinks that anytime I drop my hands down, it’s to either pet her, or feed her.Aria the nut

Aria, my little anti-social girl.

Here’s an inaugural photo for anyone reading. She’s Aria, the mother of my 4 ‘kittens’. We found her on our driveway as one of 3 kittens, tiny, blue eyed and terribly sick. They all ran away from us but we caught 2 of them. Aria and her sister whom we never got to name. They were both wickedly sick with kitten colds and probably pneumonia. Her sister died overnight the first night we had her. Aria was taken to the animal hospital and given antibiotics, she recovered and is now annoying me on a regular basis. She’s not a real lap kitty but she get’s her pettin’s and goes. Anyway here’s a shot of her.

Aria The Nut